What Makes Up Our Core? Get to Know:
Hexadex Limited
- What Makes up our Core? -
Hexadex Limited

Hexadex Limited is a privately-owned group holding company based in Lincolnshire, England. Its role is to nurture the growth of each subsidiary and acquire new businesses which are either complementary to its existing activities, or where it can use its core expertise to add value.

Hexadex has four UK subsidiaries:

Eminox Ltd is a major European manufacturer of purpose-designed stainless steel Exhaust Systems and Emissions Control Systems for heavy-duty internal combustion engines.

Teconnex Ltd is a leading manufacturer of purpose-designed stainless-steel Vee Retainer Clamps and T-Bolt Band Clamps which are used throughout many industries.

Ceramex Ltd is an international leader in Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning processes.

Hooton Engineering Ltd is a fabrication business specializing in stainless steel products and systemsCeramex® is a joint venture between Hexadex Limited and Springfield Remanufacturing Corp.

The Vision and Values of Hexadex

Hexadex and its subsidiaries aspire to be exceptional companies, where:

We comply not only with the letter of the law but also the spirit of it. This is particularly so in the case of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.

We welcome the UK Government’s requirement for large companies to report on Gender Pay.

Our customers are enthused with our products and service, which are provided at a fair price and to a consistently good quality.

Our ethos fosters consensus, integrity, courtesy, and promotes enthusiasm, innovation, continuous improvement and the elimination of waste.

Our people are well motivated and rewarded, encouraged to develop, have a clear sense of direction and are willing to embrace the Company ethos.

Our direction, whilst being financially prudent, is innovative, imaginative, has genuine concern for the interests of all stakeholders, and aims to achieve a lasting and prosperous future.

Visit http://www.hexadex.com/home/ to learn more about Hexadex and this half of Ceramex North America LLC.