Xpurge® & Veritex® DPF Cleaning Technology

Save 50% or more on your DPF maintenance over the life of the truck and help to: reduce downtime, restore lost fuel economy (up to 7%), optimize service intervals, reduce passive regens, reduce DEF usage, and restore lost power

Xpurge® DPF Cleaning Technology

We took our experience and made an extensive assessment of various approaches to filter cleaning. Our unique cleaning system Xpurge® is the result. Developed specifically for the task our patented Xpurge® process cleans filters more effectively than conventional pneumatics.

By using the Xpurge® process you can reduce the costs of DPF/DOC ownership through:

Outstanding cleaning performance, longer intervals between cleanings and improved fuel consumption. Fewer filter failures, significantly reducing the amount of expensive replacements.To verify the condition of a filter after it has been cleaned, we developed our DPF/DOC inspection and validation technology. We can assure our customers that the cleaned filter will perform just as effectively as a new filter.

Veritex® DPF Cleaning Technology

It is essential to examine the DPF/DOC after cleaning as they are highly-engineered, complex and expensive components. As part of our professional cleaning and remanufacturing we use a range of inspection technologies to check that the clean DPF/DOC will be able to perform as well as a new filter.

Veritex® Inspection

The Veritex® inspection system is our most comprehensive test method. Our patented process uses both visual and inferred light to help evaluate the conditions inside the filter once it has been cleaned. Using the Veritex® system we can identify if there are any remaining blockages in the filters as well as damage such as holes and cracks.

DPF integrity test for cracks using a stream of particles

Catalytic efficiency tester for DPFs and DOCs using a test gas