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Veritex® DPF Inspection Technology

DPF inspected in Veritex machine

It is essential to examine the DPF after cleaning as they are highly-engineered, complex and expensive components.  As part of our professional cleaning and remanufacturing we use a range of inspection technologies to check that the clean DPF will be able to perform as well as a new filter. So to give you peace of mind we provide a detailed report with each DPF we clean.

Veritex Inspection

The Veritex® inspection system is our most comprehensive test method.  Our patented process uses transmitted light to help evaluate the condition of the insides of the filter once it has been cleaned.  Using the Veritex system we can identify if there are any remaining blockages in the filter as well as damage such as holes and cracks.


We also subject newly cleaned DPFs to a suite of airflow tests.  This allows us to see whether the DPFs exhaust flow has been restored to the level expected from a new part.

Further Testing Equipment

Ceramex also has a wide range of sophisticated testing equipment to complement our Veritex and airflow checks. We have a selection of microscopic devices for examining individual DPF channels as well as full-scale engine test rigs. So, depending on each customer’s requirements we can do catalyst efficiency, chemical analysis and particle trapping tests.

Clean filter as inspected by Veritex                Blocked filter as inspected by Veritex

                A clean filter that's been inspected by Veritex                              A failed filter that's been inspected by Veritex

All Ceramex cleaning and inspection systems use a proprietary software system that has been developed specifically for our filter cleaning operations. These provide valuable information about engine performance and maintenance standards, as well as indicating how long a vehicle has gone since its last DPF clean.