International Leaders in DPF Cleaning

Trucks, Buses and Heavy Duty

Using our patented Xpurge® DPF cleaning technology we provide outstanding cleaning performance that delivers significant savings in fuel consumption and increases the intervals between cleaning. It has made Ceramex a leading international DPF cleaning provider counting many of the world’s manufacturers and operators of trucks, buses and off-highway equipment among our customers.

We are accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001, and use a range of inspection technologies to check the condition of the DPF after cleaning to ensure we always keep to the highest quality standards. This way we can provide assurances that the filter has been successfully cleaned and can be re-fitted with confidence.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

We provide DPF cleaning services and technology to many leading truck and Heavy-Duty OEMs across the USA and Europe.  We clean DPFs in accordance with approved standards so that they can be used in exchange programs at main dealers. This allows for the used DPF to be removed as part of a routine service and immediately replaced with a refurbished filter to minimise the downtime for the vehicle owner. To find out more about our cleaning services and technology for OEMs please contact us.


US DPF cleaning service for operators

Ceramex also provides local DPF cleaning services to operators of trucks, buses and heavy-duty equipment. If you would like to know more then find out how it works.