International Leaders in DPF Cleaning

How it Works

We want to ensure that your vehicle isn’t out of action for any longer than is necessary. So, along with our efficient and reliable service we offer the following services at our Service Centres:

  • We aim to turnaround a DPF clean within 48 hrs (max) of receiving the filter - Available Monday to Thursday.
  • We can provide a fast same-day turnaround for filters that we receive before 10am - Available Monday to Thursday.


  1.  To find out more call 417-837-2640.

  2. Make sure the DPF is packaged appropriately then send to our Main Service Center in Monett, Missouri.

  3. We will use our Xpurge® Filter Cleaning machines to clean the DPF before using our Veritex® Inspection System to check the filter has been cleaned to our high standards.
  4. Finally, we’ll securely package your DPF and post it back to you.