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About Us

Ceramex Main Service Centre, London outside M25

Ceramex North America LLC is a joint venture between SRC Holdings Corporation of Springfield, Missouri and Hexadex Limited, a UK-based company. For more than 30 years, both companies have been leaders in their respective fields. Hexadex Limited has developed cutting edge proprietary exhaust and emission systems and SRC has been at the forefront of the remanufacturing industry in North America, along with being a leading remanufacture company to OEMs.

We have built up over 15 years’ experience in cleaning DPFs. Customers throughout Europe are serviced through Ceramex located outside of London. Customers in North America are serviced through Ceramex North America located in Missouri. What we’ve learned supplying exhaust and emissions systems to the aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) helped us develop and patent our Xpurge DPF Cleaning Technology. It means we can clean all types of DPFs to the high standards required by manufacturers.  We back up these services with our own DPF inspection technologies designed to ensure that the cleaned filter has been returned to optimum performance. 

Collectively, Ceramex is able to offer a global solution for the remanufacture of Emissions systems.